About Our Yarns

We are currently focusing on a few select yarn bases as we look to re-establish some stock and change up how we’ve been doing things around here. We hope it’s for the better, but always welcome your thoughts. 

Because we believe in a commitment to sustainable farming and cruelty-free practices where sheep can be the livelihood of the farmers, our yarns are sourced from suppliers with a commitment to raising their sheep the right way. All our BFL yarns are guaranteed 100% British Bluefaced Leicester raised to provide wool of the highest quality. Our merino yarns are from South American farmers who have made a commitment to treat their animals and the land well and never practice mulesing or other harmful practices. This is important to us, and we will do everything in our power to keep working toward running the most sustainable business we are able. 

Meet the yarns

Foxy Sock – 80% Superwash BFL/20% Nylon in fingering weight. 400yds (365m)/100g (3.5oz) skein. $27US 

We here at The Girl Who Crafted are avid football supporters and have been charmed beyond belief by English club Leicester City FC. Since the city of Leicester is the county town of Leicestershire where the BFL breed originated, we thought it was only fitting to honour them by naming our bases for their team. Go Foxes!

Northern Lights Sock – 75% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon/5% Silver Stellina in fingering weight. 438yds (442m)/100g (3.5oz) skein. $30US 

Although this yarn hails from South America, I wanted to name this base in honour of the northern landscapes in which I make my home. Since the stellina in this base makes all the colours sparkle, I thought it was only fitting to invoke the happy imagery of colours sparkling and twinkling through northern skies. 

Foxy Sport – 100% Superwash BFL in sport weight. 287yds (263m)/100g (3.5oz) skein. $28US

I tried really hard to put together some ideas of football being a sport and the Foxes being a football club and come up with something cleverer, but none of it worked out. So, this one remains Foxy Sport, still after Leicester City FC, but with a bit more weight behind it and no nylon.

Double Lolly DK – 100% Superwash BFL in DK weight. 246yds (225m)/100g (3.5oz) skein. $28US


Still a nod to LCFC, but in a bit subtler way. One of our favourite football announcers hails from Leicester and has been a lifelong fan of the foxes. Since this is the Double Knitting base, we wanted to honour Mr. Arlo White and his clever turns-of-phrase with a hat-tip to his description of a pass-goal combo that had us in stitches for minutes. 


Right now we’ve chosen to focus on these four bases, although we may still have some things available in the old bases as we try to phase them out. We have discussed plans to add a few more bases in the future, but for right now focusing on these yarns will allow us to dye up some yarn stock and better manage inventory. We’ll still always be willing to take custom colourway requests and will do whatever we are able to work out custom yarn base requests if those needs arise. For now, we hope you enjoy our yarns. Please do leave us a message with your thoughts on the new bases and suggestions for any bases you might like to see added in the future.