Glacial Knits Podcast: Episode 2 - Mechanical Carpentry

Hopefully the podcast is now or will soon be available on iTunes! Still working out a few kinks.

Show notes:

We talk about our Ravelry group and welcome our new group members:

  • 1to1

  • kolson111322

Thanks for joining us! We hope to see some more of you there!

What we're knitting:



We talk about the yarn shelf that Jonas built for Sari and show a video of the shelf.

Sari talks about the Mama Bear Plus Handcrafted Yarn Swift Jonas bought her for her birthday so her reskeining process is easier

Sari talks about yarn dyeing and shows some recent yarns and a little bit about her process:

We mention that we've been watching a ton of figure skating, talk about Yuri on Ice, and encourage you all to watch 4 Continents (which is right now as I'm finally getting around to posting this, so.....)

We mention again where to find us”



You can find these videos on Sari’s blogs at:

Sari’s yarns can be found at:

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