Glacial Knits Podcast: Episode 1 - Irrelevant and Irreverant

Hi all,

I know I've basically stopped blogging (I realised it was taking up a lot of time and wasn't giving me a lot of joy, so I cut back on it), but I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of a new era of talking about my crafting.

Jonas and I have decided to start a podcast. It likely won't update often (our goal is once a month right now) since we're both so busy with things, but we hope to bring you our unique perspective on knitting, sewing, yarn dyeing, running an indie yarn company, and our adventures in Minnesota and beyond.

The video quality isn't the best because my camera is old and the lighting is terrible because I live in a land of perpetual winter darkness, so please forgive us that. We promise we'll get better at this as time goes on.

I'll try to get us on iTunes ASAP, but for now you can see us on YouTube.

Show Notes (such as they are):

What We’re Knitting



Future Knitting

Sari mentions the “Just One More Row” podcast and their “12 in 17” contest.

Sari’s 12 (or 11 in the case of apparently she counted wrong) yarns chosen by random sequence generator.

Jonas talks about three coloured shawls and hats. If anyone has suggestions for 3-coloured shawls that a dude can wear or assistance in Sari and Jonas actually wearing shawls without looking ridiculous, please let us know!

Three Irish Girls Adorn Luxe in the “Eddi and the Fae”, “Seelie”, and “Unseelie” colourways

The Girl Who Crafted Bulky Wool Single in the “My Head is Aching in GMT” colourway.

We mention again where to find us”



You can find these videos on Sari’s blogs at:

Sari’s yarns can be found at:

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