WIP Wednesday: Mitten Ho and some yarn Déjà vu

Hi there. Not much to say on today's topic, honestly.

If you'll remember back a few weeks ago, I talked about the Irish Moss Toque I completed using Gale Woods Farm Finn yarn. Although I loved it and it was a lovely hat, I couldn't quite get it to fit right (it ended up slightly too short). That, combined with having another 110 yard ball of yarn left over and not being sure what to do with it, led me to thinking about possibly trying to make something else with it, a cowl or else a hat/mitten set.

Since my shawl was getting really big and I wanted to have something more portable to knit in airports for my trip last week (I ended up not actually knitting since the knitting didn't fit in my carry on bag anyway, so the point is moot, but whatever), I decided to try to find a hat/mitten set that I could use to knit this yarn. I finally settled on the High Peaks Mittens and Hat by Anne Hanson. It was published as part of Knitspot. It looked like it would work well with this thicker, more roughspun yarn and I figured I could make the yardage work out.

High Peaks Mitten work in progress--Mitten 1

I didn't swatch since the gauge was the same as the one I ended up with for the previous hat. That said, it turns out that either I should have or else the pattern is written for someone with hands bigger than mine since this one mitten is slightly too big for me. The reason the picture doesn't look the best is that (a) it's MN fall so it's basically always kind of dark outside and (b) the mitten is wet because I wanted to see how big it would be after blocking. I think I either need to take out stitches and cast back on or I need to use smaller needles. The idea of knitting what is essentially aran weight yarn on 3.5mm needles is laughable, but I actually do think the fabric on the 3.75mm needles is too open (at least pre-washing.) I'm trying to decide if I want to just go ahead and cast on the second mitten on the 3.5mm needles or cast on the hat or move on to the next project and decide what to do about the mittens once the first mitten dries.

I'm also trying to decide if I actually like these mittens. The pattern is easy and is made with all purl and knit stitches and no cables or anything, but it's really puffy and it seems to look okay in all the project photos I looked at, but I don't know if I actually like it in my yarn. Fortunately, as with the hat project in this yarn, I managed to knit one mitten in like 3 hours, so if I want to keep changing my mind at least I'm not ripping out days of knitting.

Thoughts? Do you like it? Try to find something else and find another yarn for this? The pattern was, in my opinion, rather expensive for what you actually get. It's very much a beginner pattern and while it's well written, it's bare bones and definitely something I feel like I could have just made up on my own instead of paying $8 for. I'm not against paying designers, of course, but I don't at all believe this was an $8 pattern so now I feel like I'm obligated to try to knit this with SOMETHING for SOME reason. I just...don't love it in this yarn at all.

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