Crafting Firsts: PODCAST!!!!!

A bit of old news, but since I'm still excited and it's technically still relevant, I'll happily bring it to you all here!

Back in June, I attended Zombie Knitpocalypse just a 90 minute drive down the road in Rochester, MN. While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet some lovely people, as usual, but I spent much of my time getting to know some of my favourite podcasters (and now favourite people), Susie and Danie from the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast and Sarah from the Cultivate and Create podcast.

Over dinner the first night of the event, Jonas was relaying to the table how I had asked (demanded) that he go to the hardware store down the street (where we shop a lot, so it wasn't like this isn't a place he ever has to go again) and get me one of each of the colour cards from their (admittedly small) paint colours section. This is because when I dye yarn I get the picture of what colour I want in my head and then I translate that into a visual cue based on the colours on the paint cards. Sarah loved this idea, and since part of what she is trying to do with her podcast is really get at the various ways that people express creativity, she asked if we could do an interview about my creative process. So we did!

I've thought at several times about starting a podcast of my own, but since you all can see how reliable I am at updating a blog regularly, I figured it might not be the best idea. Plus I'm not sure that me (and my monogamous knitting self) doing a solo podcast would actually generate any interesting content, especially when I'm working on big projects. So I've never done it, and Sarah's podcast was the first time I've gotten to appear in that medium. I had a lot of fun, and it sort of made me wish that I had a crafty friend locally who would be able to come up with more content than I could and also hold me accountable to actually doing things on time (and that I even had said time in the first place) so I could podcast. Of course, as soon as I got back to my room after recording I thought of six million things I didn't say or should have said differently, but listening back to it after it was released, I think it sounds better than I thought it would after my original critical remembering...which is normal.

Here's a link to the episode with my interview.

After you listen to that, be sure to check out Sarah's most recent episode where she announces a coupon code for my shop and a way you can enter to win a skein of my new favourite of my hand-dyed yarns, "Blue Lily" (more on that in a week or two!). I love the format she's chosen for the contest, and hope that I can take some of the great info that's coming to me and make even more exciting things happen in the shop, so check out Sarah's podcast, contribute to the discussion for a chance to win some yarn, and stay tuned for even more awesome!

Thanks to Sarah for letting me hijack her podcast. I had a blast, and I'm so glad we had a chance to meet at ZK!

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