FO Friday: In Which It's Really Sunday

I honestly meant to write this post on Friday, but all of a sudden it was 10pm and I really didn't feel like getting off the couch.

Besides, this thing took FOREVER to dry. As far as I know it's *still* not dry, I haven't looked at it recently. Apparently "real wool" as I called it when Jonas commented that it was taking forever to dry (don't ask me, I hadn't been caffeinated yet) takes about eight years to dry out once thoroughly saturated. More likely it's that I had two layers of cabled worsted weight knitting laying flat on top of itself on a rubberised surface, but we'll pretend that it's just because the rusticness of handspun heritage sheep means it retains water better.

As you may have guessed by now, I have finished my Irish Moss Toque. I actually finished it Wednesday night after writing the WIP post (and then finishing up some casings on a project bag). The top decreases look way better this time, and although it doesn't fold over on the bottom like the pattern calls for, I think it fits me remarkably well. I think it not folding over will ultimately be okay as it's super heavy pure wool knit on needles that are a few sizes down than I would usually use in order to maintain a denser fabric. I also don't think the fact that there are only two repeats instead of three makes it look weird, but I can't see all the sides of my head at the same time so I may not be the best judge.

In just a few minutes when I put these pictures I'm including below into my Ravelry page this will be finished, finished, finished. It's a super quick knit, and like I said on Wednesday the cable pattern is, to me at least, really intuitive. I do have some of the yarn the pattern actually calls for, so I may give this a go and knit it in that yarn to see how it does with a thinner yarn and possibly all the pattern repeats. As it stands now I only used 1 skein of just under 100 grams (116 yds/106 metres) for this one, which means I have another skein to make myself some other fantabulous winter accessories. I highly recommend this yarn if you can get your hands on it as it's lovely to knit and washes up lovely and soft and plump, but retains its rusticness. I think this is the perfect yarn for some rustic but stylish winter outerwear.

Pattern: Irish Moss Toque by Alexandra Charlotte Defoe

Yarn: Gale Woods Farm 100% Finn Wool

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