Stash Confessional: One Twisted Tree (again) and a Super Bonus Surprise

Hi all,

Today was a good mail day. In some respects I love it when 3 packages come at once (even if one of them isn't actually for me) and in others I wish they would spread themselves out over several days so I could keep the fun coming (although another one should be showing up sometime soon, so I guess it's a sort of best of both worlds situation). That said, these two things didn't arrive on the same day so I guess my point isn't hugely relevant here other than to say that I got 3 packages in the mail today and one of them was yarn. The other yarn arrived last week and cost me nothing at all other than knitting/sewing/reading a thing and/or donating to charity. None of which was a hardship in the least.

So here's what's up. First... One Twisted Tree. You already saw a bunch of yarn from her after ZK. This is sort of tangential to that (although I did count it as its own purchase). After Danie handed me two mini skein samples that happened to be Hinkypunk and Knight Bus Escape and I out them next to each other, I instantly knew they needed to be a striped sweater (mostly the grey/lavender of the Hinkypunk with skinny stripes of the Knight Bus). The dark purple of the Knight Bus really brings out the grey of the Hinkypunk and the colours look beautiful together. All of this with he added bonus that I've been doing a Harry Potter rewatch so I'm in the mood. At the show, Danie didn't have enough of the Hinkypunk and mentioned that she doesn't dye Knight Bus Escape in sport weight (I knew the last thing I needed was to knit another fingering weight sweater), but if I contacted her and asked for a custom order she would dye it for me and ship it free. So that's what I did.

Yarn is One Twisted Tree in the Hinkypunk and Knight Bus Escape colourways on the Lavish base 100% superwash merino. 271 yards/skein. Sorry about the glare, but I didn't want to take them out of the plastic wrap since I don't know when I'll get to them.

4 skeins of yarn (still in packaging) from One Twistd Tree

Second (although it arrived first) is my prize from the second round of the Knerd Girl Knits Bad-ass women Craft-Along 2016. The theme for this round was women in music. The prize I won (which is awesome!) is yarn that Kris bought when she was at a conference in Tempe, AZ. It's a dyer I've never heard of before and it's a gorgeous wine red colour. I absolutely love it and I'm sure it will become socks sometime in it's life.

Yarn is gherkin's bucket Quick step sock in the Boudoir colourway. It's 75/25 superwash merino/nylon. 450 yards of fingering weight.

Skein of  "boudoir" in quick step sock from Gherkin's Bucket

So, that's the stash additions. Not too bad, really. One of them was free and the other I had already accounted for after ZK. Still, it feels like new yarn has shown up just like magic, which is always exciting. Who knows when they will actually become knitted items, but for now I'm happy to welcome them to the fold!

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