WIP Wednesday: Nothing Much to See Here

Hi all. A quick (and I do mean quick as I have to make a postal run and they close soon) update to let you know what's in the works. I just started it on Sunday and haven't given myself a lot of knitting time, so not much progress. I'll discuss in depth once I'm a bit farther in.

Ada sweater start

Pattern is Ada by Amy Christoffers from the Berocco Fiora Pattern Book #355. Yarn is Berocco Fiora in the Augusta colourway. This may look familiar to some of you, and it's because about this time last year I knit a sweater by the same designer out of the same book with the same yarn. I'd won 9 skeins of the yarn and the book last year at Minnesota Knitters Guild Yarnover as a door prize. Since I'm trying to work on Stash Dash and I wanted to knit a sweater that would be good for summer and yet WASN'T another fingering weight garment but had a lot of yardage, this won out.

Not too impressive yet, but it's easy to knit and seems to be going fairly quickly at this point. There may be gauge issues that you'll hear about at some point, but I'm soldiering on for now.

Okay. That's all for today. Sorry for the brevity, but I've got an event later tonight (I made maps for some books and there's a book release party tonight) so I won't have the time I usually devote to a post. There's not much more to say about this for now anyway.

#CraftKnitting #WIPSweater #YarnBerocco

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