WIP Wednesday: I meant to have this done for my birthday

Which is today. It's not done. I think it hurts more because I know it *could* be done except I actually knit more pattern repeats than I had yarn for and had to tink back 16 rows of lace knitting with drop stitches on both sides.

Giant blue wrap of fuzziness is still going. And it's been COLD lately. Like -30F cold. The perfect time to be able to immerse yourself in a blanket-length alpaca wrap. Which, I mean, I guess I'm doing while I'm knitting it. But it doesn't help on those rare occasions that I dare to leave the house.

Regardless, I'm about 10 rows from the end of one side of edging. Then I have to tink back 16 rows of overknitting on the other side and knit the 53 rows of edging (complete with my new knitting nemesis, the P2TogTBL) on the other side. Then figure out how you block lace this long.

It doesn't sound like that much, right? Ugh.

Better yet...I was planning the other project I want to try to have done by the end of February for the Knerd Girl Knits Badass Women CAL round 1 and it's another shawl. So I guess me saying I was thinking I should try this shawl thing has rapidly devolved into me knitting shawls. In blue. Ugh.

Regardless (keeping in mind how lace looks like unblocked) here's the thing as it stands (special guest appearance by my rug, Julian, and my new table Wesley). The yarn is still nice and soft and whenever I squoosh it in my hands it makes me really heavy. I just kinda want it to finish knitting itself and magically be blocked so I can put it on myself. That's all.

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